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Many flushing products require a 10-14 day window prior to harvest which reduces the crucial terpene production time in crops. Clearex requires a smaller 3-7 day window prior to harvest so growers can continue to maximize the yield and potency of their crops without jeopardizing flavor.

Clearex can be used to correct the most common cause of crop failure- the buildup of nutrient salt deposits in soil or soiless grow media. Over-fertilization and high concentrations of mineral based nutrients in grow media can cause shrinkage and death of plant cells due to the excess draw of water through cell walls. This can eventually lead to irreversible wilting of plant leaves and stems. It can also lead to nutrient lockout and crop failure. Clearex draws salts away from plant roots and grow media while helping to maintain equilibrium during periodic or preharvest flushing.

Flushing with Clearex at the end of a crop’s growth cycle can trigger the last reproductive stage of the plant, forcing it to process and assimilate internally stored nutrients. Pre-harvest flushing with Clearex can enhance overall crop flavors and increase yields by encouraging plants to process excess nutrients.

Botanicare Clearex 960 ml


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